Junior Church

Junior Church main objective is to lead each child to commit to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We provide systematic teaching on a weekly basis that would enable each child to grasp the fundamentals of the Biblical principles of Christian living.
Special emphasis is placed on training our children to actively engage in worship and prayer. This allows for easier transition from Junior Church to Adult Church.

Covenant Youth Ministry

Covenant Youth Ministries is made up of young men and women ranging from ages 12 – 18. The main goal of the ministry is to create an environment that promotes growth in the spiritual, personal, social and academic lives of our young people. We believe in the importance of creating strong yet practical values which will be applicable to everyday living. This is achieved through biblical teaching and appreciating the relevance of Jesus in our present time.

If we examine the lives of Samuel, David, Daniel and Joseph we see the journey through their adolescent years. This period was extremely significant and placed them on the runway to their destinies. Likewise, we believe these are the formative years of the next generation; they will carry on the work of the ministry and will be able to live out their God given purposes. We are committed to walk with each of our youth through this journey; the journey of becoming.

With the advent of technology and the rapid growth of the social media environment, we recognize the innumerable distractions that bombard our young people. What we have experienced is a group of teens who transcend cultural norms and are committed to the transforming of their mind, body and heart (Romans 12:2).

The department meets every other Friday from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.
Single's Ministry

The objective of our singles ministry is to equip and empower our singles on the aspect of wholeness and understanding the importance of being complete as an individual, whilst learning to be comfortable and satisfied during the season of singleness. This is done through personal developmental training as well as spiritual emphasis.


The Men's Ministry normally meets monthly in a relaxed atmosphere where the men are challenged to develop themselves mentally and spiritually.
A major focus in ministering to the Men of the assembly is that of relationship building. Specific programs and activities have been developed to foster greater openness and familiarity among the men. In so doing, we hope to create forums whereby men can be taught and empowered to be strong leaders in the home as well as society and be exceptional husbands and model fathers.

  The Men's Ministry also undertakes special projects which range from spruce ups within in the nearby community, renovations at schools and senior citizen homes.


Our women's ministry is dedicated to empowering women to be the best versions of themselves that God has purposed; in their homes, amongst their peers, in the workplace, and in the Church. 
Our programs are based on the identified and expressed needs of women in a variety of areas including health, team team building, spiritual upliftment, and personal growth. Most of all in our ministry we aim to have fun, we encourage lots of smiles, hugs, and laughter.  We understand that in being our sister's keepers we encourage God's favor.

Creative Arts Ministries

These ministries allows persons to worship God freely through music, song, dance and dramatic presentations. These specific ministries would include Worship, Dance and Drama Ministry. Musicians, Vocalist, Dancers and Actors/Actress join together in their various ministries or all together for special presentations to express worship in varied dynamic ways.